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first class 3

2012-08-10 13:08:53 by blackdragon11

back to the comic. Kage meets celty a 15-year-old otter girl that's shy around people she don't know she always wear a knee high skirt along with rainbow sock and a ripped sports bra. (The reason why its rip is her breast size is a 36F.) Some of the other girls envy her because of her breast size. She's nice and she gets great grades in every subject. But she gets picked on by some of the schools bully's, nurse. Silver a 26-year-old horn shark that has authority to use her razor sharp teeth if needed. She is a superhot and her breast size is 38f hard to believe she has bras that can hold them anyway she is willing to take volunteers with the nursing field.

[kage]- (runs to the back of his school) pant pant pant! (Looks over his shoulders and say to himself) good I lost everyone. (a plan came to his mind) why don't I use my wings to fly to the top of the schools roof and walk down to the Spanish room. (Kage splays his wings and flaps them make him hover) now to the roof.

[Celty and kage]- Finally made it to the roof.

[kage]- (walk to the roofs door)

[Celty]- (opens the door and walks in to kage's chest causing him and her to fall backwards and making them hit their heads on the roof top floor.)

[Kage]- Sorry wasn't watching where I was goooooiinng (looking under at the hurt celty's skirt with his noes bleeding badly.) oh are you okay?

[Celty]- Oh sorry I'm sorry please don't hurt me?

[Kage]- A why would I hurt you.

[Celty]- You're not with one of the bully's that trying to hurt me.

[Kage]-no! Way would I hang out or go near any of those failed. Come on let's go to the nurses office to see if you're okay.

[Celty]- Ok.

[Kage]- stands up and helps celty up off the ground and helps dust her off.

[Kage & celty]- walks down the stairs walking two floors down to the nurses office.

[Kage & celty]- (makes it to the nurse's office)

(meanwhile walking down the halls of the school's hallways)

[Celty]- Kage i feel lite headed.

[Kage]- don't worry we're almost there.

[Celty]- (passes out falling forwerd)

[kage]- (catches her and put her on his back)

[Kage]-hey. celty we're where.

[celty]- hmmm. ok.

[kage]-aaaaa you want to get down?

[celty]- can you walk me in?

[kage]-ok. (kage opens the door) Hello nurse. Silver yuo here?

To be continued.

first class 2

2012-07-15 21:53:21 by blackdragon11

here's the 2nd part of FC there are two friends of kage in this part. nel a mustang mare, and rio the tiger shark. if you read the intro about nel she's kage childhood friend. rio had no intro so i'll tell you about her. rio meet kage at raven's and jazmin's school with her older brother's. she's the same age as kage. she likes calling him a pervert for no reason.

[nel]- its nel

[rio]-and rio too miss. sharp claw

[kage's s-mother]-(opens the door for the girls) come on in girls. have a seat

[blaze]- hey kage the girls are here we got to get ready for school now.

[kage]- ok just let me my bag and we can leave.

[raven]-kaaage your forgetting to give me a kiss.

[jazmin]-me too kage.

[kage]-(walks to the raven to give her a hug)

[raven]-(grabs him rap her arms and her tail around his arms and givs him a kiss. then slowly moved her head towards his neck and starts to take some of his fur off his neck)

[jazmin]- (gets behind kage and starts to do the same thing as raven)

[kage]- can you stop pleace i have to leave now.

[kage's s-mother]-yes you can. girls let him go or he's not going with you this afternoon.

[raven and jazmin]- (with an upset voies) ahhh okay.

[raven & jazmin]-(in their mind's) he is so mine tonight.

[kage]-sigh here we are at frost hill high. i should have stayed at hoe guys.


[kage]-look at my neck i have two bolde spots on my neck if i saw them eralier i would have put scarf on.


[a group of jealous and angry guys]- KIIIILLLL HIIIIMMMM

[blaze]-run bro.

to be continue.

spite the truth about this comic and this pic now

first class 2

first class 1

2012-07-12 19:39:45 by blackdragon11

ok here it is the first part of the comic im making i knoow for a fact some furry lovers are saying how come there's no pics of this happening well im not that gr8 on the computer when it comes to drawing. so just image this in your head.

[kage]-if you believe what my father typed on the intro then your an ass for it. well half of the intro was true I'm not a 19 year old I'm a 16 year old black wolf with phoenix wings, i have a step mother and she did nothing of a sort when i was young, I'm nothing like mike, i have 2 step sisters and 1 step brother, my step sisters name's are raven and jazmin they are twin dragons raven is a white dragon and jazmin is a black dragon. there both 18 two years older then me. they work at hooters, they always bring me to their job for no reason on Fridays.
step brother his name is blaze. he's a 15 year old steel dragon he's a gamer and a smart ass he's

[Kage's father]-kaaaaaage! stop watching porn & jerking off and come down here and get your ps3 of the living room floor!

[Kage]- one! I'm not jerking off or watching porn. two okay I'm coming to get it

[raven]- (runs into kage's room and ask) kage your jerking?( walk up to him and sits on his legs) if you need pleasure all you had to do is come and see me.

[jazmin]-(comes out of no were and pulls raven by the horn and throws her sister out the room and look at kage with a your gonna get raped face)

[blaze]-(walks down the hall and looks up and say to himself) not again. (walks to raven pick her up and go in kage's room and grabs jazmin before she kiss him and say) come on leave him alone you got him this afternoon you two. at you job.

[kage]-sigh that was a close one. thanks blaze.

(a knock on the front door)

[kage's step mother] who is it?

to be continued

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first class 1


2012-06-22 01:11:17 by blackdragon11

Okay I going to stop posting comic that was already read by many of you that's into furry
So I'm going to post my own comic no pic just read and image. Ok?

The comics name is (the first class) the main charter's name is Kage Peace a 19 year old Male black wolf with phoenix like wing. Kage is almost like Mike Blades every girl wants him for themselves. Even when he was still young his own step mother didn't want to give him to his father or let anybody come near him even Nel his child hood friend.
his friends will be in the comic. One of many of his closes friends is Nel Valentines a childhood friend of Kage. Nel is a black & white mar that thinks of him as a baby pup even though he's a year older then her.
another of his friends are the twins Jazz Hunter a male tiger shark & jazmin Hunter a female tiger shark both of them met Kage in high school when Kage was running away from a group of teachers that wanted to have sex with him and guys that wanted to kill him just because their girls fell in love with Kage.

If you want to read more about him visit me on NG.
If you like the pic down below that I found.
O before I forget I have a e621 account names wolf souljer.
Sign up if you like furry picks & comics from your favorite furry artist like meesh.
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ups and downs 6

2012-02-12 17:09:08 by blackdragon11

WTF IS WRONG THESE PEOPLE THEY GONE AND DELAYD ME AND darkblackfirewolf's favrite game im pissed of and dark is in rage. we want to fight now.
here is the game im talking about

O and the cat is haveing some fun with this one

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ups and downs 6

ups and downs 5

2012-01-29 00:34:27 by blackdragon11

Somebody has to dust out the sckoba gear to satisfy
dis horse

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ups and downs 5

ups and downs 4

2012-01-29 00:15:12 by blackdragon11

Ok something stike whooooooo..,...... Ooooooo neve mind im sorry pleas il do anything
Thats wats happening to dis guy rit not
to bad he got hit in a bad way
with da sid comment

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ups and downs 4

Ups and Downs 3

2012-01-14 21:05:52 by blackdragon11

ok now im piss of i just got dun playing battlefild 3 in 1 day

lmao dude cant go on any long i can go on for a hole twe weeks day and night with a girl and only a girl

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Ups and Downs 3

Ups and Downs 2

2012-01-14 20:55:02 by blackdragon11

sorry but i trid to mak this on bigger so many of u can read it if u want to read it go to this web sit

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Ups and Downs 2

Now the moment we ben waiting 4 the worlds funnyist comic with sex and hot girl.
And 4 those ho alredy red this ples dont spoil it.

ups and downs anthropomorphic relationship (U.A.D.A.R)