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first class 1

2012-07-12 19:39:45 by blackdragon11

ok here it is the first part of the comic im making i knoow for a fact some furry lovers are saying how come there's no pics of this happening well im not that gr8 on the computer when it comes to drawing. so just image this in your head.

[kage]-if you believe what my father typed on the intro then your an ass for it. well half of the intro was true I'm not a 19 year old I'm a 16 year old black wolf with phoenix wings, i have a step mother and she did nothing of a sort when i was young, I'm nothing like mike, i have 2 step sisters and 1 step brother, my step sisters name's are raven and jazmin they are twin dragons raven is a white dragon and jazmin is a black dragon. there both 18 two years older then me. they work at hooters, they always bring me to their job for no reason on Fridays.
step brother his name is blaze. he's a 15 year old steel dragon he's a gamer and a smart ass he's

[Kage's father]-kaaaaaage! stop watching porn & jerking off and come down here and get your ps3 of the living room floor!

[Kage]- one! I'm not jerking off or watching porn. two okay I'm coming to get it

[raven]- (runs into kage's room and ask) kage your jerking?( walk up to him and sits on his legs) if you need pleasure all you had to do is come and see me.

[jazmin]-(comes out of no were and pulls raven by the horn and throws her sister out the room and look at kage with a your gonna get raped face)

[blaze]-(walks down the hall and looks up and say to himself) not again. (walks to raven pick her up and go in kage's room and grabs jazmin before she kiss him and say) come on leave him alone you got him this afternoon you two. at you job.

[kage]-sigh that was a close one. thanks blaze.

(a knock on the front door)

[kage's step mother] who is it?

to be continued

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first class 1


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2012-07-12 21:08:14

music pic like... your lie about drawing on the computer sucks dude. you draw at a avreg level you better then me i'm at a first timer level nothing else to say dude.