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2012-06-22 01:11:17 by blackdragon11

Okay I going to stop posting comic that was already read by many of you that's into furry
So I'm going to post my own comic no pic just read and image. Ok?

The comics name is (the first class) the main charter's name is Kage Peace a 19 year old Male black wolf with phoenix like wing. Kage is almost like Mike Blades every girl wants him for themselves. Even when he was still young his own step mother didn't want to give him to his father or let anybody come near him even Nel his child hood friend.
his friends will be in the comic. One of many of his closes friends is Nel Valentines a childhood friend of Kage. Nel is a black & white mar that thinks of him as a baby pup even though he's a year older then her.
another of his friends are the twins Jazz Hunter a male tiger shark & jazmin Hunter a female tiger shark both of them met Kage in high school when Kage was running away from a group of teachers that wanted to have sex with him and guys that wanted to kill him just because their girls fell in love with Kage.

If you want to read more about him visit me on NG.
If you like the pic down below that I found.
O before I forget I have a e621 account names wolf souljer.
Sign up if you like furry picks & comics from your favorite furry artist like meesh.
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