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Ok thats it no mor info this is all u need to know i like wolves, and im singal

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back to the comic. Kage meets celty a 15-year-old otter girl that's shy around people she don't know she always wear a knee high skirt along with rainbow sock and a ripped sports bra. (The reason why its rip is her breast size is a 36F.) Some of the other girls envy her because of her breast size. She's nice and she gets great grades in every subject. But she gets picked on by some of the schools bully's, nurse. Silver a 26-year-old horn shark that has authority to use her razor sharp teeth if needed. She is a superhot and her breast size is 38f hard to believe she has bras that can hold them anyway she is willing to take volunteers with the nursing field.

[kage]- (runs to the back of his school) pant pant pant! (Looks over his shoulders and say to himself) good I lost everyone. (a plan came to his mind) why don't I use my wings to fly to the top of the schools roof and walk down to the Spanish room. (Kage splays his wings and flaps them make him hover) now to the roof.

[Celty and kage]- Finally made it to the roof.

[kage]- (walk to the roofs door)

[Celty]- (opens the door and walks in to kage's chest causing him and her to fall backwards and making them hit their heads on the roof top floor.)

[Kage]- Sorry wasn't watching where I was goooooiinng (looking under at the hurt celty's skirt with his noes bleeding badly.) oh are you okay?

[Celty]- Oh sorry I'm sorry please don't hurt me?

[Kage]- A why would I hurt you.

[Celty]- You're not with one of the bully's that trying to hurt me.

[Kage]-no! Way would I hang out or go near any of those failed. Come on let's go to the nurses office to see if you're okay.

[Celty]- Ok.

[Kage]- stands up and helps celty up off the ground and helps dust her off.

[Kage & celty]- walks down the stairs walking two floors down to the nurses office.

[Kage & celty]- (makes it to the nurse's office)

(meanwhile walking down the halls of the school's hallways)

[Celty]- Kage i feel lite headed.

[Kage]- don't worry we're almost there.

[Celty]- (passes out falling forwerd)

[kage]- (catches her and put her on his back)

[Kage]-hey. celty we're where.

[celty]- hmmm. ok.

[kage]-aaaaa you want to get down?

[celty]- can you walk me in?

[kage]-ok. (kage opens the door) Hello nurse. Silver yuo here?

To be continued.

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